Che soave armonia: Great Bass Viol (G Violone) Compendium, ed. Joëlle Morton

Che soave armonia: Great Bass Viol (G Violone) Compendium

Compiled and Edited by Joëlle Morton

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The great bass viol (now most commonly tuned in G, but also sometimes in A) was known for several centuries, playing its lines primarily at their notated pitch. Within the viol consort, as a melodic solo instrument, or within a chamber ensemble, composers intentionally incorporated it into many different types of music. This compendium offers an overview and selection of pieces that are available and appropriate for the violone, drawing from a list of 44 historical works that require it. Added to these things are technical exercises, études and suggestions of other historically appropriate music in transcription. Full accompaniments and other instrumental parts are provided to facilitate performance. This volume is certain to be an essential resource for scholars, but more importantly, a rich supply of playing material, intended to encourage players’ more regular use of the G violone, and to pique their interest for further exploration.

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