Bassano, Giovanni: Complete Bass and Bassetto Diminutions, ed. David Yacus

Giovanni Bassano, Complete Bass and Bassetto Diminutions
D-Hs M B/2488

Bassano's diminuzioni on thirteen vocal pieces by
Palestrina, Striggio, Da Rore et al.
Second Edition, rev. 2022


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Full score and separate solo part

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Edited with English Translations by David Yacus

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In 1591 the Venetian printing house of Giacomo Vincenti published Motteti, Madrigali, et Canzoni francese, Di diversi Eccelentissimi Auttori à Quattro, Cinque, & Sei Voci. Diminuiti per sonar con ogni sorte di Stromenti, & anco per cantar con Semplice voce. It is the second of two publications by Giovanni Bassano, Musico della Serenissima Signoria di Venetia, that deals with diminuzioni, the practice of replacing the note values of a musical line with shorter notes, so that the line becomes embellished. The 1591 collection is notable for being the first theoretical method dedicated entirely to providing examples of diminuzioni on whole, pre-existing musical compositions; it is likewise notable for the inclusion of nine sets of diminuzioni for bass instrument or voice and four sets in duo for bass and soprano, presented here in modern transcription, together with a reduction of the polyphonic model from which each derives.

This editions presents all thirteen of Bassano's dimiuzioni in the bass and bassetto ranges together for the first time in a modern performance edition. English translations of the texts of the original madrigals and motets, and of Bassano's introduction, are also provided.


Anchor che co'l partire  - Rore
Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas  - Palestrina
Fuit homo  - Palestrina
La bella, netta, ignuda e bianca mano  - Rore
Liquide perle amore  - Marenzio
Nasce la pena mia  - Striggio
Quando i vostri  - Marenzio
Quando signor [Prima parte]  - Rore
Ma poi che vostr'altezza [Seconda parte]  - Rore

Tota pulchra es - Palestrina
Introduxit me rex - Palestrina
Pulchra es amica mea - Palestrina
Veni, dilecte mi - Palestrina

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