Bassani, Orazio: Complete Solo Works, ed. Joëlle Morton

Orazio Bassani (c.1550 - 1615): Complete Solo Works

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Edited by Joëlle Morton

Orazio “dalla viola” Bassani was an instrumentalist and composer, especially celebrated for his virtuosity as a player of the viola da gamba. Born in the northern Italian city of Cento, c.1550, he spent most of his career in service to the Farnese family, centred at Parma.

This edition presents the complete solo works (eleven pieces) of Orazio Bassani together for the first time. Two pieces (on Lasso che mal accorto and Vergine bella) are treble divisions, and the other nine pieces (seven sets of divisions and two toccatas) are suitable for all manner of bass instruments: viola da gamba, cello, bass violin, violone, etc. To suit all tastes and requirements, this edition offers the solo parts in a variety of clefs, plus several different accompaniment options, along with full scores and parts. The edition comprises 6 volumes:

Main volume - Two-line score, consisting of Bassani's divisions plus basso seguente accompaniment
Appendix 1 - Score with keyboard reductions of the madrigals on which the divisions are based
Appendix 2 - Solo part in treble and bass clefs
Appendix 3 - Solo part in treble, alto and bass clefs
Appendix 4 - Madrigal models in full score
Appendix 5 - Madrigal models in individual parts, for instrumental performance

The edition comprises over 300 pages of material. In order to be able to offer this edition for an accessible price, it is only available as a PDF download.

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