Brösel, [?Johan]: 3 Parade Stücke for Trumpets, Oboes, and Bassoons, ed. Justin Bland

 [?Johan] Brösel (1738–1802)

3 Parade Stücke

for Trumpets, Oboes, and Bassoons

Full Score & Instrumental Parts

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Also available as part of our Baroque Trumpet Bundle found here.

As the pieces in this edition are written only for wind instruments (trumpets, oboes, and bassoons), they can be classified as Harmoniemusik, music from the middle of the eighteenth century until the 1830s written for Harmonie, a term that designates wind instruments or a small wind band typically employed by the aristocracy. Such Harmonien would often provide background music for dinner and other types of social events. Except for the horn, brass instruments were used sparingly in these types of ensembles, a fact that makes Brösel’s use of trumpets instead of horns in these three Parade Stücke particularly notable.

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