Anonymous 17th Century Grounds & Sonatas for Violin and Viol ed. Caroline Ritchie

Symphony's for two trebles & base & some for 2 trebles & 6 for a base and treble to a ground

Gb-Ob Ms Mus Sch c.80

A collection of 2-part music from the Bodleian Library, including 2 sonatas (one attributed in the manuscript to Antonio Bertali), and 6 grounds

Individual grounds £5.00 score and parts

Individual sonatas £6.00 score and parts

Complete collection £19.00 score and parts

Edited by Caroline Ritchie

The manuscript in which these pieces are found was copied after the Restoration by Edward Lowe (Professor of Music in Oxford from 1661-1682). In addition to the pieces published here, it contains a number of trio sonatas by Maurizio Cazzati. The sonata attributed here to Antonio Bertali also appears, without attribution, in both the Düben collection and the Rost Codex, and the second, anonymous sonata, with many features of the stylus phantasticus, is likely also to originate in continental Europe. By contrast, the six grounds may have an English origin, showing a close similarity to contemporary divisions by Jenkins and Simpson. This collection provides interesting supplementary material for concert programmes involving violin, viol and continuo, pairing well with similar repertoire by composers such as Schmelzer or Rosenmüller.  

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