Anonymous 17th Century Grounds & Sonatas for Violin and Viol ed. Caroline Ritchie

'Symphony's for two trebles & base & some for 2 trebles & 6 for a base and treble to a ground'

Gb-Ob Ms Mus Sch c.80

-A collection of 2-part music from the Bodleian Library, including 2 sonatas (one attr. Antonio Bertali) and 6 grounds

Individual grounds £5.00 score and parts

Individual sonatas £6.00 score and parts

Complete collection £19.00 score and parts

Edited by Caroline Ritchie

The manuscript in which these pieces are (GB-Ob Ms Mus Sch c.80) found was copied, presumably in Oxford, by Edward Lowe (Professor of Music from 1661-1682) and, in addition to the pieces published here, contains a number of trio sonatas by Maurizio Cazzati. The first sonata is attributed here to Antonio Bertali - the piece is also copied, without attribution, in both the Düben collection and the Rost Codex. The second sonata, and the grounds, are all unica; their pairing of violin and viol, coupled with the virtuosic nature of the viol parts, suggests a northern European origin, although the grounds bear more than a passing resemblance to the English division-viol idiom.

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